Health Resources

We apply an individualized touch to each client’s healthcare needs at Rx City Pharmacy. We are proud to have worked with the families of Auburn, NY and surrounding areas of Cayuga County since 2002. Our goal isn’t to just provide you with medications; we aim to offer the best possible healthcare, even after you’ve left our pharmacy. Our team also strives to educate you on your health, to empower you to make the best decisions for your overall well-being. We have compiled the information below to help you keep yourself and your family as healthy as possible!

Helpful Information to Improve Your & Your Family’s Overall Health


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Useful Links

1. Tetanus
2. Diphtheria
3. Peptic ulcers
4. Fevers
5. CBD oil
6. WebMD
7. CDC official site
8. Mayo Clinic
9. Healthfinder